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Relationship Coaching


Relationship is very precious to all of us, either building relationship with self, romantic partner, family member or someone in our work place. Because, our level of happiness and satisfaction in life crucially depends on building loving, caring, fun and strong relationship building. But many of us, often fail to build effective and meaningful relationship because we don’t know how to build great relationship, which leads us to feel depression, anxiety, feeling abandon, lonely, feeling suicidal and many others negative emotions.

I am an Advanced Certified Family and Relationship Coach and also Certified NLP Practitioner. I have done many training programs to have stronger understanding and building great relationship. I have worked as dating coach, which helps me to develop deeper knowledge about relationship and help my clients to build amazing relationship more effectively. I am coaching my clients over the last 4 years and helping them to have positive result and success. I have done my deep research on Personal Development over the last 9 years to give myself and my clients to have best and successful Coaching Experience possible to achieve positive result and success. My Relationship Coaching starts with FREE initial consultation, which will help us to understand you and me better and to understand the right coaching method for you. My coaching methods are logical, scientific and realistic and combining with practical exercises and NLP techniques to achieve outstanding result. My relationship Coaching programs are designed uniquely for each individual to achieve maximum positive change possible. I work with people only who has genuine intention to change and willing to take action.

Relationship Coaching Areas:


Coaching for Singles:

When we are single and ready to meet for new partner, it doesn’t become always easy because many of us have social anxiety, approach anxiety, bad conversation skills, bad body language, bad fashion & poor hygiene, lack of social skills and not knowing how to take things further, which make us feel stuck and lost. In my Coaching for singles Life Coaching Program I help my clients how to overcome social anxiety, approach anxiety, how to improve conversation skills and build solid connection, how to have good body language, how to improve fashion, how to develop good personal hygiene, how to understand love signal and take things further. This coaching session can be indoor, which will be 1 on 1 Coaching session in somewhere nice and comfortable place or It can be outdoor, which is more practical, where I will take out with me in public and help you to meet and attract your life partner. (Please note that Outdoor coaching session is minimum 2 hours per single session but indoor coaching is minimum 1 hour as usual.)

Coaching for Couples:

When we live as couple, we always want it to be sweet and romantic. But in reality it doesn’t become as it should be because we don’t understand our partner well enough, we spend too less time together or we spend too much time together, which affect our own growth and we fight with our partner for the same thing over and over again, we don’t like their parents, we don’t like their friends, we don’t find our partner attractive anymore, we feel insecure about taking our short term relationship to long term relationship, we feel like our partner will cheat on us, we feel fearful of losing our partner and feel fearful of being single again, we find it hard to relate to each other issues, we misunderstand about each other, we don’t get enough attention from our partner, we have argument relation money, we can’t tolerate their bad habits, we feel that we are giving too much but not receiving enough, we have higher sex drive but our partner doesn’t not have high sex drive anymore or we have low sex drive but our partner have high sex drive and we don’t like that how our partner wants to be pleased in bedroom. In my Coaching for couples Coaching program I help my clients to become sweet, romantic and happy couple.

Coaching to build relationship with Family Members:

Family members are the people, who we develop our first relationship with specially our Mum & Dad, our Brothers & Sisters or cousins. But many of us, when we were young, we haven’t been treated as we should be treated, we didn’t receive enough attention from them, we haven’t been given enough time on us, we haven’t been taken out regularly, we have been forced to do something, which we didn’t want to do, we have been given punishment for our mistake rather than dealing with us with love, kindness and care, which has created relation gap between with our family member. As we grow older, we feel like to connect with our missing pieces and build good relationship with our family member before it’s too late. In my Coaching to build relationship with family members session, I help my client to build good relationship with Family Members.

Coaching to build relationship with Work Colleagues:

Our work colleagues are very important to us because our professional success many times depends on it. But many of us struggle to build good relationship with our colleagues because we haven’t been treated with respect, we haven’t been validated for our hard work, we have been ignored, our work performance has been unnoticed, we feel that we have been used more but we have received less rewards, which leads us to lose motivation to work and continuous working towards to our career. In my Coaching to build relationship with work colleagues program, I help my clients to build good working relationship with colleague to have professional success.