Relationship Coaching

When we think of Relationship, we want to be happy in Relationship. But in reality it is not always like this. We have face so may issue regarding building relationship. When we were children, we have been taught just be nice with people in order to build good relationship. And we become nice but still we cannot build good relationship. Because just being nice is not good enough to build good relationship and deep connection. We need proper knowledge understanding about each other and knowledge about making relationship more fun and interesting and proper approach to solve any issue we have in our daily Life.

I cover following areas in my Relationship Coaching Programme:

  • Dating and Attraction Building
  • Good Conversation Skills
  • Building Deep Connection
  • Making Relationship more Fun and Interesting
  • Deep Sexual Connection
  • Dealing with life after separation or divorce
  • Clearer boundaries
  • Building Relationship with family members
  • Building Relationship with Friends & Co-Worker