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Life Coaching:

Life Coaching is one of the most successful form of conversational therapy, which I use to help my clients to get outstanding results. But it is very different from consulting, mentoring, advice and counselling. It has huge success rate to change people’s lives around the world in more positive way. In my life coaching sessions, I work with my clients as team. I help my clients  to dive deep into the root cause of the problem, help them to understand what is the real problem and help them to come up with realistic and achievable action plan to achieve the positive result through goal setting, using different type of successful coaching model and various NLP techniques. I keep working with my clients on the following up sessions as a team to figure out anything need to be added or remove from the action plan based on the result will be getting on that particular point of time and I continue work with my client until they achieve the Success. I always make sure about my client’s confidentiality and they feel safe and secure with me.

I am an Advanced Certified Life Coach and Certified NLP Practitioner. I am Coaching my clients over the last 4 years and helping to positive result and success. I have studied and done my deep research on Personal Development over the last 9 years to give myself and my clients to have best and successful Life Coaching Experience possible to achieve positive result and success. My Life Coaching starts with FREE initial consultation, which will help us to understand you and me better and to understand the right coaching method for you. My coaching methods are logical, scientific and realistic and combining with practical exercises and NLP techniques to achieve outstanding result. I work with people only who has genuine intention to change and willing to take action.

My Life Coaching Areas:

Life Purpose:


I help my clients to have clear picture through my world class life coaching session about what they want in life, what are the good reason for their wanting and what will be the course of action to achieve it. Because many of us, we are not sure about our wanting, that is why we do not understand why we want it and how can we get it and then we feel very confuse about our life purpose and then we start to blame other for our own fault and finally we live life under stress.


Understanding Self Worth:

Many of us, we do not understand our value and self worth. That is why we don’t know who we really are and we can’t reach our true potential and we live unfulfilled life. I help my client to discover their Self Worth  and unlock their true potential through my amazing Life Coaching Session.

Overcoming Fear:


Fear is the biggest reason for holding us from achieving many important things in Life. Because we do not understand our true fear for this reason we can’t come up with realistic action plan and finally we can’t achieve our goal. I help my clients to dive deep into the root cause of fear, to master the fear and to manage it better through fear break through Life Coaching session.

Overcoming Insecurities:

Many of us, we are feel very unsecured about our body, skin color, job title, money, friends and family members. Which lead us to live unhappy life. In my overcoming insecurities Life Coaching sessions break through session I help my clients to overcome insecurities and help to develop self love, kindness and loving others.

Anger Management:


Anger is our biological response. Because of not managing our anger properly, we have to face so many problem in our personal life, business life and social life, which can be big threat to lose our partner or job or good friends. In my anger management Life Coaching session I help my clients manage their more effectively.

Time Management & Increasing Productivity:

The older grow the more responsibility we have to deal with. So, it is very important for us to manage many tasks in short period of time and be more productive to have success in our Business and personal life. In my Time Management & increasing productivity life coaching session I help my clients to manage their time more organically and be more productive in Business and Personal life.

Stress Management:


As we progress through our life we constantly having pressure and stress from work, family and social circle. It is very crucial to deal with stress. Otherwise it may lead to many health issue. In my stress management Life Coaching session I help my client to efficient way. 


Breaking Negative thought patters:

Negative thoughts leads to more negative thoughts and then more negative behaviors and more situations and we get stuck in negative thoughts patters and our life starts to go into the downwards spiral and we feel miserable about our self, which is why it vital to break the negative thoughts patters. In my Negative thought break through Life Coaching Sessions I help my clients to break down the negative thoughts patterns and live very positive life.

Overcoming Shyness:


Shyness stops us from meeting new people or expressing good idea, which can be helpful for ourself or the world. Because of shyness we find it very difficult to express ourself freely and get the things, we want in life. In my Overcoming Shyness life coaching session, I help my client to understand root cause of the shyness and help to express themselves more confidently.

Overcoming Procrastination:

Procrastination is the act of delaying of the action, we need to check in order to achieve our goals. When we know, what we want want in life but something is holding us back from achieving it. This leads us to not achieving out goals. In my Overcoming Procrastination Life Coaching Session I help my clients to Overcome Procrastination.

Increasing focusing Power:

As we progress through our life we constantly having pressure and stress from work, family and social circle. It is very crucial to deal with stress. Otherwise it may lead to many health issue. In my stress management Life Coaching session I help my client to efficient way. 


Overcoming Anxiety:


Anxiety is the phobia, which affect us negatively many ways in life including health, relationship & decision making process. Which leads us to live unhappy and unfulfilled life. In my Overcoming Anxiety Life Coaching sessions, I help my clients to overcome their anxiety and deal with it better.