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What is Shyness?

Shyness is the state of living where you find very uncomfortable to express yourself the way, you want to express. Off course this not enjoyable feeling, this is the reason you want overcome shyness.

So, how to overcome shyness?

I want to give 4 simple ways to overcome shyness


  1. Be fully Relaxed when you talk to someone

If you are shy to express yourself, you will notice when you are talking to someone new you are not full relaxed. You may see your body is shaking a little bit or may be your are feeling shaky feeling internally. So, question is how to be relaxed. I want to give you very simple technique to be relaxed. Just simply slow down your entire system. It means slow down your berating and your body movement. When you do that you’ll see now you have more controlling power about yourself. This will help you to have more control over your expressing capability.

  1. Maintain Eye Contact

What I have seen people with shyness they find it so hard to maintain eye contact and I used to have problem to maintain eye contact. So, why maintaining eye contact is important to overcome shyness. Just try to see the world more consciously, when you maintain proper eye contact with people, you will be focusing on the just eyes. It means doing  one thing at time. When you focusing one thing at time It’ll increase your focusing power and boost your inner confidence. That will help you automatically overcome shyness.

  1. Speak Loudly and Clearly

What I have seen most the people who has shyness problem, they talk very low volume only they can hear themselves. So, If you have shyness issue, when you speak in very low voice tonality off course other person can’t hear you well and when other person can’t hear you, you will feel more shy to express yourself and then other lower vibrational feel popping into your head. You may feel people don’t like or may be you are not good enough. So, what to do? Just simply start practicing talking loudly and clearly. When you project strong voice tonality you will notice, your mental state automatically be changed. You will feel like you can say anything you want, you not goanna feel shy.

  1. Practice Talking at least two new people everyday:

If you have shyness problem, you will see because of shyness you don’t speak to many people, as you should have. This is reason you may not have as many friends as you should have and day-by-day because of not talking to enough people you become more shy. This is  the reason start practicing at least two new people everyday and try to build friendship with them. When you start practicing talking to many people you’ll see your shyness is getting disappear from your life.


Naz King

Life Coach