What is laziness?

Laziness is the sate of living where your mind will  find excuse and stop you from doing anything important to you.

So, how to overcome Laziness?

  1. Find out why you are doing it:

Lots of people when they do anything they don’t really know why they are doing it. Some people they know it but very sallow level. So, when they start any work by the time they finish half of the work and then they totally forget why they are doing it and after that they lost motivation and simply they feel lazy to finish the rest of it.This is the reason before you do anything, just find out why you are doing it and what are good reasons you are doing it and any point of time if you lose interest just think about those good reasons why you are doing it. You will see, you are back in track and you not going feel lazy.

  1. Do not take too much work load at a time:

Possibly lots of time you think , you can take too much work load and you can do lots of work at the same time without understanding your physical ability. So, what it does, It confisues your brain specially when you take work load more than your physical capacity. So, automatically you get tired and you feel lazy. So, what to do in this situation? Just simply understand your physical capacity and know yourself well and find out what really you can do and what you really can’t do and just take things easy. Don’t take things too seriously and take proper rest and also good sleep is important. You will see, you feel more refresh and energetic.

  1. Do something that motivates you:

When you feel too tired and lazy, you may have situation you feel like to give up. If you give up, you’ve already fail anyway. So, don’t just give up. Make a list what motivates you but make the list when you don’t feel lazy otherwise you’ll feel lazy even to make the list. Here is the other thing, some people they don’t even know what motivates them! Just to help you, meaning of what motivates you is find any activity which make you feel happy and joyful. For example, you may enjoy going out with friends but not with negative friends I mean positive friends otherwise you’ll feel more lazy and you may enjoy watching movies, you may love reading books, or you may watching or playing any sports or you may like to go to holiday. Just simply when you do that you will immediately feel more energy and not going to feel lazy.

  1. Spend time with fun loving people:

When you feel lazy just take pause from your laziness, find out who is funny in your circle and spend time with them. You will see suddenly you start to feel happy and positive and this feeling will help you overcome Laziness.

  1. Spend time in Nature:

When you feel lazy, this is the indication from your inner being currently, you are living in very low Vibrational frequency. So, to increase your vibrational frequency just simply go in the nature and close your eyes and start to do few minutes deep breathing. You’ll see your vibrational reality has changed you are feeling more energy.

  1. Find ways to do things differently:

When you do same thing everyday same way Off course you will get bored and boredom will lead you to feel laziness. This is the reason, if you do same thing everyday, but try to find different way to do same thing. You’ll see you are enjoying and you not going to feel lazy.

So, most of the time laziness is mental disease. So, If you feel lazy, just simply kick your own ass but not your physical ass because you can’t, kick your mental ass and take action and get thing done.

Replace the word of Laziness by Happiness, you will enjoy life.


Have Fun

Naz King

Life Coach