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Finance Coaching


Most of us want to make more money and want to increase our income source but in we find it really difficult to do it because we may not have realist goals regarding to money, we may not know how to increase our income sources, we may be spending too much and we may fail to control our spending, we may be struggling with too much debts, we may not know how to prfioritize our expenses and we may not how to do financial planning effectively.

I am a Certified Financial Coach. I have graduated from Business Background and I am a ACCA Part Qualified and also I have studied Advanced Phycology and I am a Certified NLP Practioner, which helps me to have greater understanding about Finances and to help my clients to success in their Financial Goal. My Financial Coaching starts with FREE initial consultation, which will help us to understand you and me better and to understand the right coaching method for you. My coaching methods are logical, scientific and realistic and combining with practical exercises and NLP techniques to achieve outstanding result. My Finance Coaching programs are designed uniquely for each individual to achieve maximum positive change possible. I work with people only who have genuine intention to change and willing to take action for Success.

Finance Coaching Areas:


My Financial Coaching areas includes:

  • How to set realistic Goal in regards to Money.
  • How to increase income sources.
  • How to control expenses. 
  • How to prioritize expenses.
  • How to deal with debts.
  • How to do financial planing efficiently.