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I usually coach 1 hour session each week for every client. Because it helps my clients to get proper time to take action. Action is the most important things for achieving success. I prefer to work on coaching program basis rather than single session. Because coaching program is proper commitment, which help my clients to get success. But If any individual prefer to work on single session, I work with them but single session is slightly more expensive  than coaching Program.

My Coaching fees as below:
  • 6 Weeks Coaching Program. (Cost: £720).
  • 12 Weeks Coaching Program. (Cost: £1,380).
  • 18 Weeks Coaching Program. (Cost: £1,980).
  • 24 Weeks Coaching Program. (Cost: £2,520).
  • 32 Weeks Coaching Program. (Cost: £3,200).
  • 38 Weeks Coaching Program. (Cost: £3,610).
  • 44 Weeks Coaching Program. (Cost: £3,960).
  • 52 Weeks Coaching Program. (Cost: £4,420)

But If you choose to work with me on single session basis, Fee would be  £130 Per Hour Session. My Coaching Session last for usually 1 hours except outdoor relationship coaching. Please feel free to send me e-mail and ask me any question you may have regarding any of my Coaching Program. I will be more than happy to assist you. I am looking forward to coach you for positive change.


Please note that we accept bank transfer into our Business Bank Account and also you can make card payment. Bank transfer is free of charge into our Business Bank Account But if you want to make card payment on that case you have to pay the fee to the provider, usually 3%.