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Leadership Coaching, Performance Coaching, Executive Coaching, Start-up Business Coaching, Interview Coaching, Management Coaching, Career Coaching ,Interview Techniques, Body Language/ Voice Tonality, Public Speaking.

Career Coaching:


When we set our mind towards successful career, many times we can’t reach our goal because we may get confused about our career choice, our CV may not be great and strong, we may not have good interview and communication skills, we may not know how to deal with conflict at work and workplace bullying, we may struggle to deal with our difficult boss or our work colleauges, we may feel exhusted in regards to heavey worksloads or setting up realistic and achieveable goals or prioritizing our tasks, we may feel anxious or nervous when it comes to business meeting, we may not have good leadership skills, we may feel fearful in regards to return to works or redundancy or retirement, we may feel afraid to change new careers. 

I am an Advanced Certified Career Coach and Certified NLP Practitioner. I am Coaching my clients over the last 4 years and helping to positive result and success. I have studied Business and done my deep research on Personal Development over the last 9 years to give my clients to have best and successful Coaching Experience possible to achieve positive result and success. My Career Coaching starts with FREE initial consultation, which will help us to understand you and me better and to understand the right coaching method for you. My coaching methods are logical, scientific and realistic and combining with practical exercises and NLP techniques to achieve outstanding result. I work with people only who has genuine intention to change and willing to take action.

Career Coaching Areas:


New Career:

When we start our Career, we need the most help because we may feel fear and we feel lost because we may not know, how to start and from where to start. I help  as follows:

  • How to Job search efficiently.
  • How to write covering letter effectively.
  • How to write strong and Professional CV.
  • How prepare for interview.
  • How to have good body language.
  • How to improve overall communication skills.

Expanding or  Changing Career:

After starting our career, many times we feel like to give up especially when we can’t achieve the result as how we wanted to have and we may not enjoy it as before. This is the reason; I have designed Career coaching program to achieve career progression. I help my clients as follows:

  • How to deal with conflict and workplace bullying.
  • How to deal with difficult Boss or work colleauges.
  • How to deal with workloads and prioritizing tasks.
  • How to set up realistic and achieveable goals.
  • How to be more confident in Business meeting.
  • How to improve leadership skills.
  • How to feel inspired to return to work.
  • How to deal with redundancy or retirement.
  • How to change and work for new career.