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Leadership Coaching, Performance Coaching, Executive Coaching, Start-up Business Coaching, Interview Coaching, Management Coaching, Career Coaching ,Interview Techniques, Body Language/ Voice Tonality, Public Speaking.

Business Coaching:


Our goal is to be successful, when we start our own business. But many of us can’t become successful as we want to become because we do not have realistic visions and goals for our business, we do not know that how to start the business from scratch, we do not have proper business plan,  we do not know that how to set up business goals and maximizing profit, we do not understand the market and competitors, we do not know how to market our products and services efficiently, we do not have proper knowledge of SEO especially organic SEO and digital media marketing, we do not understand our clients and their needs, we do not know how to manage our staffs, we do not know how to utilise the asset that what we already have and we do not know how to grow and expand our business and take it next level. 

I am a Business Coach. I am helping Business to achieve their Business goals. I have studied Business, Advanced Phycology and also I am a Certified NLP Practioner, which helps me to have greater understanding about business and to help my clients to success in their business and I help them to understand their thoughts and emotions, especially when it comes to decision making. My Business Coaching starts with FREE initial consultation, which will help us to understand you and me better and to understand the right coaching method for you. My coaching methods are logical, scientific and realistic and combining with practical exercises and NLP techniques to achieve outstanding result. My Business Coaching programs are designed uniquely for each individual to achieve maximum positive change possible. I work with people only who have genuine intention to change and willing to take action for Success.

Business Coaching Areas:


New Business:

When we start our Business from just the fresh thought, we need the most help because we feel fear and we feel lost. I help new business as follows:

  • How to start business from scratch.
  • How set up a company.
  • How to prepare Business Plan and take action.
  • How to understanding markets and competitors better.
  • How to do Organic SEO and effective digital Marketing.
  • How to reach to clients.

Existing Businesses:

If we have already started business, many times we feel like to give up especially when we can’t achieve the result as how we wanted to have. This is the reason; I have designed my business coaching program to achieve business success. I help Existing Business as follows:

  • How to stick to the plan.
  • How to change the plan, when it is required.
  • How to manage staffs efficiently.
  • How to utilized the Business Assets.
  • How grow and expand the Business.
  • How to connect with likeminded Businesses and grow together.