About Me:

My name is Naz King. I am a Life Coach. I used to be very shy and had low confidence about myself. Because of my shyness and low confidence, I didn’t have much friends. I had very selected friends and most them were basically they approach me for friendship and I didn’t know how to make new friends and speak well enough and openly with new people.

I remember the day when my lecturer pushed me for debating competition with Boys Vs Girls in my School without letting me know. That day I felt so nervous and In the debate I didn’t even know what I said and on that time I had feeling like blurry vision and heating sensation in my body. I was very shy to talk about this with my friends or anyone who can help me with this because I was afraid of losing my self-image to them.

When I met with someone who more confident, I was telling to myself I wish I could be that person. And I thought, the people who are confident, they are naturally born with it. And I didn’t born with any special talent. So, It is not possible for me to be what I want to be. I didn’t truly understand hard Work can beat the Talent and most of the people who are talented, they work so hard more than we can imagine.

Finally, when I hit to the rock bottom and I was feeling sad about myself. I prayed to Universe, ” If I can’t get what I want, why have you given me desire to have what I want?” So Universe answered my pray and It introduced to me Personal Development. Most of the People make mistake when they ask anything to Universe, They think that asking to Universe means Universe will change their Life overnight. When Universe doesn’t change their life magically overnight, they start to feel frustrated. But Communication with Universe is not just Change your Life overnight. Universe will show you the way and you need to walk through that path and then you will become what you want to be. Now I understand this very clearly.

So, when I found my way to personal development, my burning desire to change my Life help me as my motivational fuel to be what I want to be and I was keep moving and diving deep into Learning, Research & Development and Most importantly taking action what I have learnt to make my learning permanent part of my self. Basically no matter how much you learn, if you don’t put your earning into practice, your learning will be temporary and soon will disappear from you. I was taking action and doing hours upon hours practice for personal development.

Finally, I have understood the secret of Happiness, deeper meaning of Life, what I am attracting in Life why I am attracting it and Unlocking the nature of Matrix. So, I have found the key to Happiness.

On day I thought about myself and I was telling to myself, It took me so much hard work to understand about Life and happiness, My be Universe wants me to help others through me who is looking for happiness and May be this could be my destiny to Help others to be better about themselves. So, I have decided to help others and Become Life Coach.