About Me:

My name is Naz King. I am a Life Coach, Relationship Coach, Health Coach, Career Coach, Business Coach, Mindfulness Coach & Spritual Coach in London. I am coaching people around the world for over 3 years and has been able to make positive change in their life and putting them the direction of their happiness in their own way.

There were time in my life I was very shy, I did not have self confidence, I did not have good social skills, I was afraid to express myself, I was looking for others validation, I easily got upset for simple reason specially when I got rejection, my dating Life was not good, I was constantly in stress and under pressure about different situations about my Life and I was not happy at all just being me. Finally when I hit the rock bottom, I have found out about Personal Development. Something inside of myself was telling me, Personal Development works. So, I start to learn more about it and start to feel good and gradually I start to use those principle from personal development in my Life and good thing was that it was working. So, my desire of learning become more. After making so many mistake and learn from them in the process of trial an error, finally I understood what works and what doesn’t work. So, I start to cut down what does’t work and keep those what are working and more realistic and logical.

My journey of coaching has started by coaching myself by being my own coach. When I start to change my own Life by the power of coaching, I start to help my friends to get positive change and find happiness in their Life. After that I start to receive positive feedback from them and I start feel good about it and start to enjoy it.

One day I realize that when I do coaching, I feel more passionate about it and I really love the feeling of positive change in People’s Life and smile in their face. So, I have decided to become Coach.