6 Weeks Transformation Programme:


This is 6 Weeks commitment for serious people only. This programme is one of the best programme to Overcome Social Anxiety & Anxiety with Women or People.

This is 1 on 1 Infield Infield Practical Programme which is designed specially the people who has social anxiety, who has approach anxiety, who are very shy, who find it hard to socialise with women or people, who find it very hard to express themselves to other exactly the way they want, who has very low self confident about themselves, who does’t feel comfortable around Women or people, who feel very nervous around women or people, who doesn’t know how to make new friends and who finds difficulty to express when it comes to attracting Girlfriend or Life Partner.

This programme will boost your confidence and help you to make more attractive to others. It’s not because how you look, it’s because how you present yourself. This is the reason, this programme is 100% Infield and Real world based programme. If you have Social Anxiety, no matter how many indoor based session you take  without the real world experience and practice you can’t overcome your problem and you can’t build long term confidence.

This programme will be held in central London where you will feel comfortable and relaxed. I will be coaching you and will be giving you live feedback about your performance which will help you understand your mistake and improve your confidence with women or people.

Summery of Learning in My 6 weeks Confidence Programme:

  • How to Start Conversation with women or People.
  • How to How Overcome Social Anxiety.
  • How to Overcome Approach Anxiety.
  • How to build State.
  • How to Overcome Shyness.
  • How to build Social Confidence.
  • How to destroy limiting Belief.
  • How to Overcome fear of Talking to either Men or Women.
  • How to overcome the fear of Public Judgement.
  • How overcome Rejection.
  • How to hold and maintain good eye contact.
  • How to build good state even though you are feeling bad state.
  • How to build & hold conversation.
  • What creates attraction in Conversation.
  • How to offer value in conversation.
  • How to have good body Language.
  • How to be funny.
  • How to do cool reading for better connection.
  • How to go for instant date.
  • How ask for contact details.
  • How to set up dates.
  • What to do in first date.
  • FREE email Support for 6 Months after the Program.

So, If you are willing to take control of your confidence or have any question, contact to me now.