2 Hours Session:

This is 2 hours 1 on 1 Infield Practical Session is ideal for someone who is beginner or newbie or who has social anxiety or who has approach anxiety or who are very shy or who find it hard to socialise with women or people or who find it very hard to express themselves to other exactly the way they want or who has very low self confident about themselves or who does’t feel comfortable around Women or people and who feel very nervous around women or people.

This programme will be held in central London where you will feel comfortable or relaxed. I will be coaching you and will be giving you live feedback about your performance which will help you to understand your mistake and improve your confidence.

You will learn:

  • How to start conversation with either Women or People.
  • How to give complement.
  • How to overcome approach anxiety.
  • How to overcome fear of talking to Women or People.
  • How to be comfortable around Women or People.
  • How to Overcome Shyness.
  • How to Overcome Fear Of Public Judgement.

This Programme is the first step to be more confident in Social Life and overcome Anxiety.

If you want to take the first step to become more confident or have any question, contact with me now.