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“I absolutely Love Coaching. I think passion is important in any work. Check out my Coaching Programmes, which may help you to change your Life and live Life better way. And also I always believe in Professional and High Quality Coaching. I am a good Listener because I believe by listening to your problem, will help us to reach exceptional Solution. So, You can feel comfortable with me and I am with you and I am Listening.”

Naz King

1 Hour FREE Coaching

If you want to have real taste of my Coaching. Feel free to Contact with me I will arrange 1 Hour FREE Coaching as soon as possible.

Coaching Program:

Confidence Program:

This is 1 on 1 Full Infield Programme which is designed specially the people who have social anxiety, who has approach anxiety, who are very shy, who find it hard to socialise with women or people, who find it very hard to express themselves to other exactly the way they want, who has very low self confident about themselves, who does’t feel comfortable around Women or people, who feel very nervous around women or people, who doesn’t know how to make new friends and who finds difficulty to express when it comes to attracting Life Partner.

This programme will boost your confidence and help you to make more attractive to others. It’s not because how you look, it’s because how you present yourself. This is the reason, this programme is 100% Infield and Real world based because whatever issues I have mentioned above, no matter how many indoor based session you take  without the real world experience and practice you can’t overcome your problem and you can’t build permanent confidence.

Life Coaching:

This programme is Ideal for someone who has burning desire for change and willing to change and want to see big change in Life.

So, If you think you are the right person, I will coach you and go deep into what you are looking for right now in Life and Where you want to see yourself in future. My 1 on 1 Life Coaching areas are included:

  • Careers
  • Money
  • Confidence
  • Personal Development
  • Dating & Relationship
  • Health and Well Being
  • Spirituality
  • Balance & Happiness


I am very shy and I find it very hard to express myself. When Naz start to coach me, It helps me to open up to new people more. Now I’m enjoying my freedom to express myself exactly how I want.

Thanks to Naz for Helping me and Changing my Life.

Dave Cooper

Software Developer

I was getting confused about my life and with what what I am doing. But Naz shows me the way, I can be happy with what I am doing and still I can focus on my dream.
I recommend Naz’s Coaching. I’ve learnt a lot from him. Lot of Thanks to him.

Jack Tomas


I have Social Anxiety and I feel uncomfortable to talk new people and also find it hard to speak to someone who I don’t know.

I like Naz’s Coaching Because It helps me to be comfortable with myself and also it helps me to see the world better way.

Thanks Naz

Julia Maja


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Why Choose Me?


Practical & Realistic Coaching

Theoretical Way of viewing life is very different than realistic view. This is the reason, I have designed my coaching Practical & Realistic way which will help you to change your Life.


Outstanding Results

I always make sure to focus on what you want and what you need which will help you get outstanding result in your Life.


True Potential

I always go extra mile to find your true potential to help you to be your best version & help you to get positive change in your Life.