Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you coach both Male & Female both gender ?

Yes, I coach male and female as I have coached them before and had outstanding result. Actually I coach someone who needs help with their Life.

Do you coach everyone?

No, I don’t coach everyone. I only coach Future Winner.

So, who is Future Winner?

Future Winner is someone who is ready to change for Success and who is willing to take commitment and also who works hard to keep their commitment and finally keep commitment.

Otherwise I don’t want to waste your time and mine because I value my time and yours.

How long is the Life Coaching Session?

Normally 1 on 1 Life Coaching Session is 1 hour long but It could be longer depending on your need.

Why do I need Life Coaching?

Answer of this you can tell yourself But my point of view is Yes you can live life without Coach But If you have a Life Coach, He can help you to show you more realistic and practical way of living life which will help you to go faster where you want to go in Life.

How Long is the Confidence Programme last for per session?

It is usually 2 hours 100% Infield & Practical session where I will take you in real World and speak to real people either men or women to to build confidence as you need confidence in your real Life.

I have more Question?

Why don’t you ask me for any other question you may have.